ZOVGOV® PEI Polyetherimide

Long-term service temperature (RTI) to 170 ° C, excellent dimensional stability;

Ultra-low smoke volume and low smoke toxicity;

Excellent dimensional stability at high temperature, self-flame retardant and colourable

  • No filling, HDT up to 205 ° C
  • The RTI value reaches 170 ° C.
  • Good chemical resistance and mechanical properties.
  • Excellent electrical performance.
  • Excellent film forming property.
  • Transparency, Colorable
  • Product Details

    Item Product Name Model Color Brand Physical TDS SDS RoHS REACH
    PEI0001 PEI ZOVGOV® M1000 M1000 NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® Resin/Virgin Check Get Get Get
    PEI0002 PEI ZOVGOV® M100G8 M100G8 NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® GF40% Check Get Get Get
    PEI0003 PEI ZOVGOV® M100G6 M100G6 NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® GF30% Check Get Get Get
    PEI0004 PEI ZOVGOV® M100G6TFE3 M100G6E3 NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® GF30% ,PTFE15% Check Get Get Get
    PEI0005 PEI ZOVGOV® M100G4 M100G4 NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® GF20% Check Get Get Get
    PEI0006 PEI ZOVGOV® M100G3TFE3 M100G3E3 NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® GF15% ,PTFE15% Check Get Get Get
    PEI0007 PEI ZOVGOV® M100G3 M100G3 NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® GF15% Check Get Get Get
    PEI0008 PEI ZOVGOV® M100G2 M100G2 NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® GF10% Check Get Get Get
    PEI0009 PEI ZOVGOV® M100TFE3 M100E3 NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® PTFE15% Check Get Get Get
    PEI00010 PEI ZOVGOV® M100TFE2 M100E2 NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® PTFE10% Check Get Get Get
    PEI00011 PEI ZOVGOV® M100C5 M100C5 NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® CF25% Check Get Get Get
    PEI00012 PEI ZOVGOV® M100C6 M100C6 NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® CF30% Check Get Get Get
    PEI00013 PEI ZOVGOV® M100C8 M100C8 NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® CF40% Check Get Get Get
    PEI00014 PEI ZOVGOV® M100C4 M100C4 NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® CF20% Check Get Get Get
    PEI00015 PEI ZOVGOV® M100C2 M100C2 NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® CF10% Check Get Get Get
    PEI00016 PEI ZOVGOV® ELC M1000C ELC M1000C NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® Conductive, Carbon Fiber Check Get Get Get
    PEI00017 PEI ZOVGOV® ESD M100G2 ESD M100G2 NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® GF10% ,Anti-static Check Get Get Get
    PEI00018 PEI ZOVGOV® ESD M1000A ESD M1000 NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® Anti-static Check Get Get Get

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