ZOVGOV® TPV Thermoplastic Vulcanizate

>>Sealing (building/automobile sealing strip, sealing ring)
>>SOFT TOUCH, soft feel (handle, grip)
>>Anti-shock and shockproof; Flexibility (casters, buffer blocks; wires and cables, hoses)
>>Plastic modification can improve the toughness and impact resistance of materials.
The performance of thermoplastic vulcanized rubber is different from that of general thermoplastic elastomer, and its application is more inclined to industrial products:
>>In terms of high temperature resistance, the conventional fully vulcanized PP/EPDM can reach 135, and the engineering thermoplastic vulcanized rubber launched by DuPont can withstand more than 150;
>>In terms of solvent and oil resistance, TPV is usually resistant to solvent and oil due to its cross-linked rubber particle phase.

Product Details

Item Product Name Model Color Brand Physical TDS SDS RoHS REACH
TPV001 TPV ZOVGOVR M5230A M5230A NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® Shore 30A Get Get Get Get
TPV002 TPV ZOVGOV M5240A M5240A NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® Shore 40A Get Get Get Get
TPV003 TPV ZOVGOV M5250A M5250A NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® Shore 50A Get Get Get Get
TPV004 TPV ZOVGOVR M5260A M5260A NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® Shore 60A Get Get Get Get
TPV005 TPV ZOVGOVR M5270A M5270A NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® Shore 70A Get Get Get Get
TPV006 TPV ZOVGOVR M5280A M5280A NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® Shore 80A Get Get Get Get
TPV007 TPV ZOVGOVR M5290A M5290A NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® Shore 90A Get Get Get Get
TPV008 TPV ZOVGOVR M5280AFR M5280AFR NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® Shore 80A,FR V-0 Get Get Get Get
TPV009 TPV ZOVGOVR M5290AFR M5290AFR NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® Shore 90A,FR V-0 Get Get Get Get

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