ZOVGOV® PA46 Nylon 46

>>High impact strength
>>High stiffness
>>Heat resistance
>>Chemical resistance to hydrocarbons
>>Can replace other high-cost and high-temperature compounds
>>High water absorption and water balance content
>>Size change due to water absorption
>>Nylon 4/6 compound will turn black at high temperature
>>Poor chemical resistance to strong acid and alkali

Product Details

Item Product Name Model Color Brand Physical TDS SDS RoHS REACH
PA460001 PA46 ZOVGOV® M24G2FR M24G2FR NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® GF2=GF10%,FR V0 Check Get Get Get
PA460002 PA46 ZOVGOV® M24FR M24FR NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® Resin/Virgin,FR V0 Check Get Get Get
PA460003 PA46 ZOVGOV® M24G3 M24G3 NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® GF3=GF15% Check Get Get Get
PA460004 PA46 ZOVGOV® M24G4FR M24G4FR NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® GF4=GF20%,FR V0 Check Get Get Get
PA460005 PA46 ZOVGOV® M24G5FR M24G5FR NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® GF5=GF25%,FR V0 Check Get Get Get
PA460006 PA46 ZOVGOV® M24G6FR M24G6FR NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® GF6=GF30%,FR V0 Check Get Get Get
PA460007 PA46 ZOVGOV® M24G8FR M24G8FR NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® GF8=GF40%,FR V0 Check Get Get Get

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