ZOVGOV® LCP Liquid Crystal Polymer

>>Excellent formability in thin section
>>Excellent chemical resistance
>>Heat resistance

Product Details

Item Product Name Model Color Brand Physical TDS SDS RoHS REACH
LCP0001 LCP ZOVGOV® ME525T ME525T NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® Resin/Virgin ,Low warpage Check Get Get Get
LCP0002 LCP ZOVGOV® MS135 MS135 NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® GF35%,Thermostability Check Get Get Get
LCP0003 LCP ZOVGOV® MS471 MS471 NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® Resin/Virgin,Low warpage Check Get Get Get
LCP0004 LCP ZOVGOV® MS475 MS475 NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® Low warpage、HF Check Get Get Get
LCP0005 LCP ZOVGOV® MA130 MA130 NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® GF30%,High Strength Check Get Get Get
LCP0006 LCP ZOVGOV® ME130i ME130i NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® GF30%,SMT Check Get Get Get
LCP0007 LCP ZOVGOV® ME471i ME471i NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® GF35%+Mineral Check Get Get Get
LCP0008 LCP ZOVGOV® ME473i ME473i NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® GF30%+Mineral Check Get Get Get
LCP0009 LCP ZOVGOV® MGA130 MGA130 NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® GF30% Check Get Get Get

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