ZOVGOV® TPE Specialty Thermoplastic Elastomer

Thermoplastic elastomer, TPE or TPR for short, is the abbreviation of Thermoplastic rubber. It is a kind of elastomer with the elasticity of rubber at normal temperature and plasticizable at high temperature. The structural characteristics of thermoplastic elastomers are that different resin segments and rubber segments are composed of chemical bonds. The resin segments form physical cross-linking points by means of the inter-chain force. The rubber segments are highly elastic chain segments, contributing to elasticity.

It is widely used in manufacturing daily products such as rubber shoes, rubber tapes, rubber strips, rubber plates, rubber parts, adhesives and other industrial products

Product Details

Item Product Name Model Color Brand Physical TDS SDS RoHS REACH
TPE001 TPE ZOVGOVR M5100A M5100A NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® Shore 0A Get Get Get Get
TPE002 TPE ZOVGOVR M5110A M5110A NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® Shore 10A Get Get Get Get
TPE003 TPE ZOVGOVR M5120A M5120A NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® Shore 20A Get Get Get Get
TPE004 TPE ZOVGOVR M5130A M5130A NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® Shore 30A Get Get Get Get
TPE005 TPE ZOVGOVR M5140A M5140A NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® Shore 40A Get Get Get Get
TPE006 TPE ZOVGOVR M5150A M5150A NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® Shore 50A Get Get Get Get
TPE007 TPE ZOVGOVR M5160A M5160A NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® Shore 60A Get Get Get Get
TPE008 TPE ZOVGOVR M5170A M5170A NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® Shore 70A Get Get Get Get
TPE009 TPE ZOVGOVR M5180A M5180A NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® Shore 80A Get Get Get Get
TPE0010 TPE ZOVGOVR M5190A M5190A NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® Shore90A Get Get Get Get
TPE0011 TPE ZOVGOVR M5130AB M5130AB NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® Shore 30A,Gluing PP、PE、ABSPC、PC/ABS、PA6、PA66 Get Get Get Get
TPE0013 TPE ZOVGOVR M5150AB M5150AB NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® Shore 50A,Gluing PP、PE、ABSPC、PC/ABS、PA6、PA66 Get Get Get Get
TPE0014 TPE ZOVGOVR M5160AB M5160AB NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® Shore 60A,Gluing PP、PE、ABSPC、PC/ABS、PA6、PA66 Get Get Get Get
TPE0015 TPE ZOVGOVR M5170AB M5170AB NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® Shore 70A,Gluing PP、PE、ABSPC、PC/ABS、PA6、PA66 Get Get Get Get
TPE0016 TPE ZOVGOVR M5180AB M5180AB NAT/BLK ZOVGOV® Shore 80A,Gluing P、PE、ABSPC、PC/ABS、PA6、PA66 Get Get Get Get

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